1: INT-28: Waʻapā

(excerpt coming soon)… Read More

2: INT-26 Ka Makani ʻOluʻolu

Great Solo Guitar Piece in Double Slack Tuning… Read More

3: INT-27: Pua ʻĀhihi

(excerpt coming soon)… Read More

4: INT-25: Aloha Kalikimaka Bonus!

Keola's solo guitar arrangement of the Christmas classic, "The Little Drummer Boy" as a holiday bonus for our valued members… Read More

5: INT-24: Sanoe

(excerpt coming soon)… Read More

6: INT-23: Ku’u Lei Awapuhi Melemele

Isn’t it true that a scent can lead us to a sweet recollection? In Hawai’i, the air is soft and the scent of our fragrant flowers are carried in the trade winds. Sometimes out of nowhere, we recall a place or a thing. More than often, it is a person. A treasured memory emerges.

This is a wonderful song with a sweet melody. I’m quite happy with my solo guitar arrangement of this beauty. I think you will be too.… Read More

7: The Bar Exercise

Keola demonstrates an excellent bar exercise for the left hand.… Read More

8: The Rehearsal Journal

A great tool!… Read More

9: INT-22: Papa’s ʻOkolehao

Keola shares a piece he wrote to honor his grandfathers aloha for pineapple -swipe!… Read More

10: INT-21: Mino‘aka

Keola describes his reflectively wistful Taro Patch Solo -Mino'aka. This is one of his favs!… Read More

11: INT-20: Puka Pants

(excerpt coming soon)… Read More

12: INT-19: Kepania Paniolo (Spanish Cowboy)

(excerpt coming soon)… Read More

13: INT-18: Mele Kakahiaka

(excerpt coming soon)… Read More

14: INT-17: Ka Leileiona

This is a solo Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar piece composed by Keola Beamer depicting the starlight of the Milky Way (Ka Leileiona) as seen from the Island of Maui. Level: Intermediate. Tempo: Moderate. Tuning: C Wahine or Keola's C… Read More

15: INT-16: Hula Nā Lāʻau

In Keola's C (C Wahine). The key to the musicality of "Hula Nā Lāʻau" lies in the smooth execution of its manaʻo (thought, phrasing). Learn about right hand harmonics and how to play in a smooth, legato (connected) fashion. This lesson will really move your technique forward!… Read More

16: INT-15: Shaka Slack Key

This original composition first appeared, with bass and drums, on my 1986 album, "Sweet Maui Moon". It's a great piece to play. On the attached recording, I overdubbed a second guitar part and added drums and bass. In Taro Patch in G and C.… Read More

17: INT-14: Kanaka Waiwai

Uncle Johnny Almeida wrote this great song. I remember him coming over to our house and singing it to my mom when I was a boy. Uncle Johnny was a unique soul and wrote some really great music that later became some of the classics of Hawaiian music. In Leonard's F.… Read More

18: INT-13: Manu Kai (Sea Bird)

Manu Kai is played solo on the steel string guitar in taro patch tuning. I use my trademark "hammer-on" and "pull-off" ornaments, including discordant notes that are not heard directly but are played for a percussive effect. According to George Winston and Dancing Cat records, this was the first time these types of ornaments were recorded in this tuning.… Read More

19: INT-12: Roselani Blossoms

The song is said to have been inspired by a lei given to a woman friend. It speaks in typically poetic language of the author's desire to sip the delicious waters of ʻIao Valley on Maui. Lesson in F Wahine or Leonard's F.… Read More

20: INT-11: Pua Lililehua

In tribute to the Kahauanu Lake Trio's stunning vocal harmony, my arrangement features two guitars as in this recording from my CD, "Soliloquy - Ka Leo O Loko". I have also included the tablature and music for solo guitar only especially for our members.… Read More

21: INT-10: Moana’s Laundry Basket

This is a good, solid guitar piece with an interesting character. My study notes for this piece are here in audio form. Tuning is Taro Patch G… Read More

22: INT-09: Holo Waʻapā

My arrangement for two nylon string guitars in C Wahine tuning again features an innovative bridge, and I’ve included two versions of the tablature here, the first guitar for solo performances and then the two guitar duet arrangement as in my CD “Moe ʻUhane Kīkā”… Read More

23: INT-08: Kaulana Nā Pua

I created this arrangement in 1971 going for a soulful feel that honors the subject and mood of the song. Because this song has such importance to our culture, I’ve included the lyrics for your study, prepared by my brother, Kaliko Beamer Trapp. Tuning used is Keola’s C or C Wahine (C-D-G-B-D-E) in the key of G. … Read More

24: INT-07: Kuʻu Ipo Kuʻu Lei

Many Hawaiian "mele" (songs) use poetic images of flowers to express affection. The title of this traditional lovely old melody, which translates as "my beloved sweetheart, my beloved lei," typifies this romantic custom. Learn this in Keola's C tuning.… Read More

25: INT-06: Ka Makani ʻUlaʻula

Ka Makani ʻUlaʻula is an original piece that I composed for the “red wind” of our home near the little town of Kamuela, Hawaiʻi. Learn this piece in Modified Taro Patch (DGDGBE).… Read More

26: INT-05: Wai Ulu

E āwaiaulu i ke aloha (a love securely bound) is the subject of this popular mele hoʻoipoipo (love song) attributed to Lala Mahelona and George Kalelohi, Sr. You will learn it in F Wahine Tuning.… Read More

27: INT-04: Kapalua Bay

This is my tribute to the region of Maui where I used to play music in the evenings. You will also learn the differences between kāne (male) and wahine (female) tunings.… Read More

28: INT-00: Intermediate Realm Introduction

kbeamer.com > Instruction > Intermediate Realm > This Introduction Aloha and welcome to our Intermediate Level Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar Lessons. This level of instruction consists of “repertoire pieces” or a selection of guitar pieces that are listed by their level of difficulty. One of my first revelations of the world of Kī Hōʻalu – the Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar… Read More

29: INT-03: Isa Lei

This is a great intermediate level piece. It has a very interesting rhythmic bass line that is fun to play. My lesson notes are presented in audio form for this piece.… Read More

30: INT-02: Kolowaka

Kolowaka is a beautiful lullaby type piece in my signature nahenahe (soft and gentle) style, exploring the idea of theme and variation. I wrote it for my students as a kind of etude. Simple on the surface, it opens up a lot of possibilities for growth and for playing one's own variations.… Read More

31: INT-01: Hiʻilawe

Hiʻilawe was the great slack key guitarist Gabby Pahinui's signature song, and he recorded it several times, beginning in 1946. Here, I take an entirely different approach in his interpretation of this popular slack key piece, adding many new parts to the original melody.… Read More