I wrote this original guitar solo, inspired by the channel off of Maui called, “Pailolo”. Our Hawaiian dictionary defines Pailolo as “The channel between Maui and Molokaʻi, 8.5 miles wide; probably a contraction of pai (lift) and oloolo (shifting).”

I live on the Island of Maui and drink my morning coffee observing the channel. I love the feeling of crossing Pailolo, headed towards Moloka’i. (I’ve done this many times on my own or with good friends.) With the wind in our hair and the inherent joy of waves with the sweet / salty fragrance of bubbling sea-foam, what adventures await us?

This piece explores the tuning I refer to as “G Double Slack”, which is a variation of the G Major “Taro Patch” Tuning (D-G-D-G-B-D). The third string is tuned down from G to F#, which makes it a Wahine tuning, one that forms a major seventh chord or has a major seventh note in it.

With aloha,
Keola Beamer

Lahaina, Maui

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Tune to G Wahine (D-G-D-F#-B-D)

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