1: Hāwanawana (Whispering)

This is Keola's wonderful short story for the book, "Between The Strings - The Secret Lives Of Guitars"… Read More

2: Suggested Reading

Keola recommends a great read by John Schroeter, entitled, "Between the Strings: The Secret Lives of Guitars" (Paperback – April, 2004). This is a collection of 100 stories about life with the guitar.… Read More

3: Keola Beamer – Story Corps Interview

How did you discover your interest in Slack Key Guitar? Was it hearing the music on a CD that you got for Christmas? Or maybe you heard Slack Key music on a radio program? Or maybe you heard Keola’s music in the George Clooney film, “The Descendants”? In this charming 2 minute Hawai’i Public Radio – “Story Corps”, Keola shares… Read More

4: Artistic Statement

"Thanks to my mother, aloha became much more than a word to me. It became a way of being in the world."… Read More

5: ADV-00: Advanced Realm Introduction

Keola offers guidance to his advanced students.… Read More

6: INT-00: Intermediate Realm Introduction

kbeamer.com > Instruction > Intermediate Realm > This Introduction Aloha and welcome to our Intermediate Level Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar Lessons. This level of instruction consists of “repertoire pieces” or a selection of guitar pieces that are listed by their level of difficulty. One of my first revelations of the world of Kī Hōʻalu – the Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar… Read More

7: ʻUkulele In Cambodia 2016

Keola organized taking music and dance education to disadvantaged children in Cambodia. Learn more about this worthwhile program.… Read More

8: BEG-24: How To Proceed In Slack Key Guitar

kbeamer.com > Instruction > Beginning Realm > This Lesson I hope you’ve enjoyed your tenure as one of my haumāna (students). If you’ve come this far with me, then you’ve experienced the joy of making the music. It is one thing to hear recordings, to follow the notes and appreciate their beauty, but it is a far more evocative experience… Read More

9: BEG-22: G Double Slack Tuning

(excerpt coming soon)… Read More

10: BEG-21: How Do We Call Aloha Into Our Lives

rainbow thumbnailkbeamer.com > Instruction > Beginning Realm > This Lesson It is the philosophy of the Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar that good music doesn’t come from the ego, it comes from the heart. To play with aloha in our hearts, we must learn to make the way of aloha an integral, “living” part of our own existence. Perhaps, the first step… Read More

11: BEG-12: Taro Patch Tuning

(excerpt coming soon)… Read More

12: BEG-11: A Brief History of Slack Key Guitar

An Excellent History of The Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar prepared by Dancing Cat Records & George Winston… Read More

13: BEG-10: Keola’s C Wahine Tuning Up For The First Time

(excerpt coming soon)… Read More

14: BEG-09: C Wahine Tuning Introduction

kbeamer.com > Instruction > Beginning Realm > This Lesson Introduction We will start with the C Wahine Tuning, (also called “Keola’s C” because of my extensive use of this tuning over many years). It is one of the easiest and most user friendly tunings available for the Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar, plus it has the added bonus of sounding very… Read More