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1: Hāwanawana – The Whispering

This is Keola's wonderful short story for the book, "Between The Strings - The Secret Lives Of Guitars"

2: Suggested Reading

How do you feel about your guitar? How would you describe your feelings for it? Do you have several instruments and a slightly different relationship with each one? What would happen if your lost your guitar was lost or damaged? Keola recommends a great read by John Schroeter, entitled, "Between the Strings: The Secret Lives of Guitars" (Paperback – April,...

3: Artistic Statement

When I was growing up, my mother Winona Kapuailohiamanonokalani Beamer would often say, “Malama Ko Aloha”. Mom wanted us to cherish or keep our love. Her idea was that by keeping Aloha in our hearts and reflecting upon its meaning in our lives, we could help the idea of Aloha to grow in the world. Thanks to my mother, Aloha...

4: ADV-00: Advanced Realm Introduction

Keola offers guidance to his advanced students.

5: ʻUkulele In Cambodia 2016

Please help Keola bring music and dance education to disadvantaged children in Cambodia. Learn more about this worthwhile program, and how you can help.