1: News Archive 2023

Archived news of the most important kbeamer events for this year, 2023 from greater than eight months ago. The relatively new material is on our homepage at kbeamer.com… Read More

2: News Archive 2022

Keola Beamer plays music with Henry KaponoFind out everything that happened in 2022 in this archive.… Read More

3: News Archive 2021

pele's fires and eruption activity are viewable in the distant crater on Hawaii islandGet all the news and updates in the 2021 archive.… Read More

4: News Archive 2020

Jeff, Keola, and Moana heading imageNews and updates from 2020 all on one neat archive page.… Read More

5: News Archive 2019

paul simon and keola beamer thumbnailCheck out all the news from 2019 including our concert with Paul Simon.… Read More

6: Current & Recent News

a seabird soars in the skies over HawaiiCurrent up-to-date news and information about Keola.… Read More

7: News Archive 2018

All of the news and updates from 2018 on one page!… Read More

8: News Archive 2017

A single page archive of all the news and updates from 2017.… Read More

9: News Archive 2016

A single page full of news and updates from the 2016 Archive.… Read More

10: August 2017 Update

Music writer Jon Woodhouse (Maui News) just published an article about Keola's recent work (Aug 2017)… Read More

11: News For July 2016

a student from Kupu sitting on the groundIntroducing the Rehearsal Journal and two new pieces added for site members. Working on the score for a new film by director Dr. Thomas Vendetti called "Tibetan Illusion Destroyer". An update on work at Kuamoʻo.… Read More

12: Upcoming Aloha Music Camp 2017 (Sold Out)

kumu instructors imageAloha Music Camp 2017 - February 5 - 11, 2017… Read More

13: News For June 2016

News and updates from our tour in Columbia.… Read More

14: News For May 2016

Preparing for our tour in Columbia: Keola and Moanalani Beamer along with Jeff Peterson. Also updates on the ʻUkulele In Cambodia trip.… Read More

15: Site Rebuild 2016

kbeamer.com homepage screenshot imageOur website was completely rebuilt from scratch by my hānai brother, Kaliko Beamer-Trapp, following being badly hacked in early 2016.… Read More

16: Kuamoʻo Battlefield Purchased

News and information about the purchase and perpetual preservation of the ancient Kuamoʻo battleground in Kona, Hawaiʻi island, by Aloha Kuamo‘o ‘Āina (AKA) and The Trust for Public Land.… Read More

17: News: Mālama Ko Aloha Music Release

a headshotKeola releases the music from award-winning documentary, Mālama Ko Aloha, and receives a Grammy Nomination.… Read More

18: News: Back From Africa

an image of petroglyhsNews for June 1, 2015. We're back from Africa and looking forward to Ke Ola Retreat in October.… Read More

19: Ka Hikina O Ka Hau Reviews

cd cover image of ka hikina o ka hauJohn Berger and Wayne Harada review Keola's 2007 CD release, Ka Hikina o ka Hau (The Coming of the Snow).… Read More