This is one of my favorite taro-patch (intermediate) guitar solos. It’s exceptional…
Mino’aka means “smile” in ʻŌlelo Hawai’i. I wrote this song to remind myself (and all of us!) how important the simple act of smiling is.
If you really think about it…. you’ll discover a scientifically proven fact that a smile can change the energy of our own being. This is because the physical act of smiling signals our brains to produce endorphins. A smile also eases our way forward in a complex world and helps creates the path for aloha. A smile, like music, brings people closer together.
Isn’t is great to walk into a room and feel the warmth of camaraderie and aloha? A smile can help make this possible. Don’t underestimate it!
Mino’aka is a sweet, kind of reflectively wistful piece. I am sure you will enjoy exploring it.
me ke aloha
Keola Beamer
Maui, Hawaiʻi

  • Level: Intermediate
  • Tempo: Moderate
  • Tuning: Taro Patch
  • Length: 2:48
  • 54 Bars / 4 pages

This detailed lesson is for members of Listed below are some of the guitar techniques covered in this lesson:

  • Traditional Hawaiian Slack Key Bass
  • Melodic phrase identification & vibrato in kī hōʻalu
  • the Hawaiian Vamp
  • Building from phrases
  • inner voicing
  • the uhhh.. squeak

After you have finished this piece, play it for somebody you love! Or want to love! Congratulations! Now is your chance to go on to a wonderful piece called Papa’s Okolehao

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Tuning: Taro Patch or G Major Tuning (DGDGBD)

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