This is a solo Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar piece composed by Keola Beamer depicting the early morning on the Island of Kaua'i.

  • Level: Intermediate
  • Tempo: Moderate / Slightly Fast
  • Tuning: F Wahine or Leonard's F
  • Length: 1:20
  • 30 Bars / 2 pages

Listed below are some of the techniques and concepts covered in this detailed lesson:

  • manaʻo phrasing as a "musical sentence"
  • taking your time
  • economy of motion
  • continuity
  • the "middle voices" of slack key guitar
  • smoothness and harmonic balance (kaulike)

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After you have finished this piece, go on to Kepania Paniolo (Spanish Cowboy).

Keola Beamer

Lesson Resources

Tuning: Audio for F Wahine or Leonard's F (CFCGCE)

Tablature: PDF of Mele Kakahiaka

Lesson PDF: PDF of this lesson to print or save

Audio File: MP3 Audio of Mele Kakahiaka

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