The beautiful and nearly 14,000 foot tall Hawaiian Volcano—Mauna Kea—looms over the landscape on the Big Island of Hawaii. Rolling hills in the foreground give way to vast countryside. Hawaii’s tallest volcano is snow capped and rises well above the thin cloud layer.


Ka Makani ʻUlaʻula is an original piece that I composed for the “red wind” of our home near the little town of Kamuela, Hawaiʻi. The Beamer ʻohana (family) had a small Quonset hut on the slopes of the beautiful Mauna Kea (The White Mountain) on Hawaiʻi Island.

In my recording of this piece for my CD “Soliloquy – Ka Leo O Loko”, I overdubbed an additional guitar playing the exact same part as presented here in the tablature. The reason I did this was to invigorate the track with an almost out-of-phase like quality. This was an effort to try and capture the immediacy and mana (energy) of the red wind. The Makani ʻUlaʻula is an actual wind type common to the Waimea / Kohala area, because the Makani ʻUlaʻula wind carries the fine red dust of the Kohala Mountains as it descends in rolling waves towards Waimea.

After you have finished this piece, go on to Kuʻu Ipo Kuʻu Lei.

Keola Beamer

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