This gorgeous recording is an instrumental diary of Keola’s upbringing told through the sweet sounds of his guitar. Each song on this recording paints a vivid image of heart rending moments from Keola’s youth under the watchful eyes of Mauna Kea Mountain. Keola plays solo as well as creating arrangements for two guitars in his trademark style. This CD Also features a slack key guitar duet with George Winston.
“I keep a journal of the things that happen in my life. Moments in time that mean something to me. I tried to write it all in a big black book. I found it hard to hunt for the words, and harder still to write with any fluency. As the years went by, I discovered that words placed limitations on the depth of my experiences. I came to believe that words were rather crude implements. Instead of really describing the beauty of an experience, the best I could do with words was to sort of, hack away at it. This is why I turned to music. I longed for a better way to convey what was in my heart. Music has since became my way of communicating these feelings. So I have written my journal with the sweet melody of the Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar, and wit h the rhythm and rest of the mountain winds. After all these years, I have finally found the tools that fit my hands the best.
Mauna Kea (The White Mountain) is described in a Hawaiian chant by my mother Nona Beamer as follows;
He lei keakea noho maila, I ka mauna ka, mauna ki’eki’e, iluna ku kilakila. Kilakila o luna – o luna I ke ao.

The soft white lei encircles the crest of the mountain. The mountain high above, standing in great majesty. Majestic on high.
I was raised by my Hawaiian family on the slopes of this mountain, by the quiet light of kerosene lamps and the distant sound of the Pueo (Hawaiian Owl). This is a recollection of my experiences, stories of my life and small observations I have made in this current of time. I hope I have at least opened the cover to this journal. Sit down. Relax. Come and turn the pages.”

Keola Beamer

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Produced by George Winston, Recorded and Mixed by Howard Johnston at Different Fur Recording Studio in San Francisco, assisted by Mark Slagle, Porter Miller and Dave Russell. Mastered by Bernie Grundman.Liner Notes by Keola BeamerMahalo; Francis Keali’inohopono Desha Beamer (my Grandfather), “Dambie” Louise Leiomalama Kamaka Walker (my Grandmother), Nona Beamer (my Mother), Moana Beamer (my Wife), Kaliko Trapp-Beamer (my hanai brother), Keola Donaghy (my friend and web-master), Marty Kirkman (my manager and Bocce Ball champion), George Winston (my friend and fellow traveler in the land without words) and all the relatives I didn’t mention but who are here in these memories with me. Steve Grimes of Grimes Guitars, P.O. Box 537, Kula, HI 96790 custom makes my guitars out of koa and mango wood. email: grimes