1: Keola & Moana Beamer In Concert (CD)

For this recording, Keola and Moana share their very best performances of songs that have enthralled concert goers around the world.… Read More

2: Mohala Hou – Music Of The Hawaiian Renaissance CD

Mohala Hou: Music of the Hawaiian Renaissance is about then and now, not just one or the other. There are many memories embedded in the music, but the arrangements and the performances come from the present.… Read More

3: Keola Beamer & Raiatea CD

World-renowned slack key guitarist - Keola Beamer collaborates with Hawaii's most luminescent female vocalist in this beautifully produced recording… Read More

4: Soliloquy – Ka Leo O Loko CD

For his fifth Dancing Cat release, Keola offers nine original compositions and six Hawaiian classics. All are played in his unique style, which combines his own innovations with traditional slack key. Eight of the songs are played as solo instrumentals to express ka leo o loko (the voice within) and the feeling of solitude.… Read More

5: Ka Hikina O Ka Hau – The Coming Of The Snow CD

A romantic blending of Classical music and Hawaiian Slack Key Traditions from Guitar Master Keola Beamer. … Read More

6: Honolulu City Lights CD

image of a record coverThe essential Beamer Brother's Classic and number one selling Hawaiian record for decades.… Read More

7: Mauna Kea – White Mountain Journal CD

An instrumental diary of Keola's upbringing told through the sweet sounds of his guitar. … Read More

8: Our Beloved Land CD

(excerpt coming soon)… Read More

9: More on Moe ʻUhane Kīkā & Keola’s Tunings

Keola Beamer’s Tunings for this Album C Wahine (C-G-D-G-B-E), also known as ‘Keola’s C’ for the songs Lei ‘Awapuhi, HePunahele No ‘Oe, Ku’uipo Ku’u Lei, Sweet Singing Bamboo, Medley: Ke Ali’i HuluMamo & Kimo Hula, Holo Wa’apa, Bali Ha’i & Stranger in Paradise, and Sanoe( electric ‘water’ guitar). C Mauna Loa (C-G-E-G-A-E) for ‘Alekoki. C Old Mauna Loa/Ni’ihau (C-G-C-G-A-D) for… Read More

10: Wooden Boat CD

Beautifully co-produced by Keola and American Pianist, George Winston, Keola goes back to his roots, mining the fertile fields of Hawaiian texture and sound.… Read More

11: Moe ‘Uhane Kika – Tales From The Dream Guitar CD

A critically acclaimed album of original and traditional songs that skillfully navigate the deep waters of both slack key and world music.… Read More

12: Island Born Liner Notes

Son of the legendary Nona Beamer, descended from an illustrious line of Hawaiian musicians and dancers, Keolamaikalani Breckenridge Desha Beamer was born February 18, 1951 on the island of Oʻahu. He spent his childhood alternating between the urban energy of Honolulu, Hawaiʻi’s largest, most dynamic city, and the slower, more culturally rooted serenity of the Beamer family’s ancestral home at… Read More

13: Hawaii’s – Keola and Kapono Beamer CD

In this classic recording, Keola & Kapono Beamer (The Beamer Brothers) truly define their harmony and sound. … Read More

14: Kolonahe – From The Gentle Wind CD

a cd coverHoku Award winning slack key guitar master Keola Beamer lovingly performs thirteen of his favorite songs about or inspired by ka makani (the wind).… Read More

15: Mālama Ko Aloha CD

With the release of Keola Beamer: Malama Ko Aloha (Keep Your Love), he has taken his genius onto the world music stage in a captivating collaboration with nine-time GRAMMY® nominee Native American flutist R. Carlos Nakai and virtuoso jazz pianist Geoffrey Keezer.… Read More

16: Island Born CD

island born cd imageThis recording expresses an inspired blending of the urban and rural, the modern and the ancient. Keola artistic vision crafted this recording from equal parts tradition and innovation… Read More