Tuning: F Wahine (C-F-C-G-C-E), also known as 'Leonard's F'
Level: Advanced


From my recording, “Moe ‘Uhane Kīkā - Tales from the Dream Guitar", this original of mine was inspired by the subtly swirling ocean tides of my homeland. This solo steel string guitar composition in F Wahine tuning distinctively displays many of my trademark ornaments. The use of 'hammer-ons' and 'pull-offs' can almost be felt as well as heard.

A 'hammer-on' is an ornament produced by plucking a note and immediately fretting above that note to produce a second tone.

'Pull-off' refers to plucking a string and immediately pulling the finger off that note, producing a second note that is either open or fretted by another finger.

After you have finished this piece, go on to Bali Hai & Stranger In Paradise.

Keola Beamer

Lesson Resources

Tuning: F Wahine (C-F-C-G-C-E) (Audio for Leonard's F)

Tablature: PDF of ʻAu Kai

Audio File: M4A Audio of ʻAu Kai

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