ʻŌpihi Moemoe Lesson Notes

Tuning: Taro Patch (D-G-D-G-B-D)
Level: Advanced


This is a wonderful taro-patch solo written by the legendary Slack Key guitarist, Leonard Kwan. ʻOpihi Moemoe became famous as a guitar piece when Chet Akins recorded it back in the day. For many standard tuning players, this piece (and its Open G sound) was their introduction to Slack Key.

Check it out! It has a great rhythm and feel.

with aloha,
Keola Beamer

Lesson Resources

Tuning: Taro Patch (DGDGBD) (jump to lesson)

Tablature: PDF of ʻOpihi Moemoe

Audio File: M4A Audio of ʻOpihi Moemoe.

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