In this second exercise, the first measure is incomplete, because it doesn’t contain four beats. It is called a “pick up” bar. In this case the pick up is an eighth note.
Count the entire first measure, but play on the last eighth note only. (Play on the Blink – one & two & three & four &).
Try to play smoothly and evenly, connecting the individual notes to each other.

  1. Here is my tablature for Exercise #2. Take a moment to print this Tab from your printer, then compare the Tab to my recording.
  2. Check your tuning by listening to the Taro Patch Tuning audio (below) and comparing it to your guitar.
  3. Below is my example of this piece. Close your eyes and listen carefully to my recording of Exercise #2.

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When you are happy with the way you sound (no rush – take your time!) move on to Tablature Exercise 3.