Tuning: Double Slack (GDGF#BD)
Level: Advanced


Uncle Ray and I used to tour together in the 90’s and we developed a warm friendship. After he passed away, Elodia Kāne (Ray’s Wife) gave me permission to share this piece with my students, so it is used here with permission and with the hope that it helps keep Uncle Ray’s music alive.

Double slack is wonderful and sounds very old school! We call it double slack, because most players tune in two steps, first down to taro patch (DGDGBD) and then making an additional tuning adjustment (double slack) to take the 3rd string one-half step down to F#.

Uncle Ray was a uniquely gifted artist and a wonderful soul.

After you have finished this piece, go on to ʻAu Kai.

Keola Beamer


Lesson Resources

Tuning: Double Slack (GDGF#BD)

Tablature: PDF of Punahele (Ray Kāne)

Audio File: M4A Audio of Punahele (Ray Kāne)

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