Wa’apa means rowboat or skiff. This is a terrific Double Slack Piece with a vamp that utilizes a special technique called “Hammers From Nowhere”. Its a great ornamental and guitaristic approach to the Hawaiian turn-around (vamp) and its lots of fun to play! I enjoyed writing this piece and tried to give it a good “old time” sound and feel.… Read More

While hanging out with my haumana (students) and friends, I composed this fun, playful piece in Double Slack. We call it double slack because to get there, one often tunes the guitar to Taro Patch (DADGBD) and then take an additional step of tuning the 3rd string down to F#. Thus – the double slack description (DADF#BD). I love Double… Read More

Uncle Ray and I used to tour together in the 90’s and we developed a warm friendship. After he passed away, Elodia Kāne (Ray’s Wife) gave me permission to share this piece with my students, so it is used here with permission and with the hope that it helps keep Uncle Ray’s music alive. Tuning: Double Slack.… Read More

kbeamer.com > Instruction > Beginning Realm > This Lesson When I was a boy, we used to make our own kites. Growing up, we didn’t have much money for toys so we made our own stuff. I remember seeing my red kite fly for the first time against a clear, blue sky. It was as if my heart lifted up… Read More

kbeamer.com > Instruction > Beginning Realm > This Lesson The G-Double Slack Tuning (“Double Slack Tuning”) is uncommon. Those of us that play in it get a real joy out of it. We find it delightful. It’s got a nice feel and you’ll have fun with it. You should know that it is based on Taro Patch Tuning, but involves… Read More