Tuning: Gabby’s Hi’ilawe Tuning (C-G-E-G-B-E)
Level: Advanced


Li’i’s song from my CD “Soliloquy – Ka Leo O Loko” recalls a stray dog with a lot of spirit. We found him one day alongside the road, where somebody must have abandoned it. One of his hind legs were crippled but he had the nicest smile. We really fell in love with that dog and kept it for years.
Li’i’s Song is performed in the same tuning that Gabby Pahinui used for his signature piece, Hi’ilawe (the song that, for many musicians and historians, launched the modern slack key era in 1946).
This is a fun piece to play, be sure and express the pull offs and hammer ons, try to move smoothly for the slides and position changes .
After you have finished this piece, go on to Slack Key Music Box.
Keola Beamer

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Tuning: Gabby’s Hi’ilawe Tuning (C-G-E-G-B-E)

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