Play the song ʻImo ʻImo Hōkū Iki

Before playing this exercise, count through the measures and give careful attention to the time symbols. The time structure of this arrangement fits with the English lyrics of the song “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”, because they are more familiar than the Hawaiian translation.
I leave it up to you to design right and left hand fingerings for these pieces. Fingering is important in Slack Key, and the best way to go about learning it, is to actually sit down and experiment with your own fingerings through several pieces.
Follow these guidelines for left hand fingerings:

  1. Choose fingerings that are practical in consideration of the entire piece, not only one particular section.
  2. Common sense is the best guide; disregard a fingering that is conspicuously awkward.

For the right hand fingering, let the thumb play the three bass strings, and alternate the use of index, middle and ring fingers on the three treble strings. In the four note chords of ʻImo ʻImo Hōkū Iki, use the thumb on the bass note, and the index, middle, and ring fingers on the third, second, and first strings, respectively. Sound all the notes in these chords at the same time, and with a good balance of sound.

  1. Here is my tablature for Exercise #5 (“ʻImoʻimo Hōkū Iki”). Take a moment to print this Tab from your printer, then compare the Tab to my recording.
  2. Check your tuning by listening to the Modified C Wahine Tuning audio (below) and comparing it to your guitar.
  3. Below is my recording of this piece. Close your eyes and listen carefully to my recording of Exercise #5.

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Now, give it a try. Remember to take your time. We are not in any kind of hurry. In fact, Slack key is the antithesis of “hurry”.
When you are happy with the way you sound, take a break, and think about what you have just done. You’ve played an entire piece of music! Not bad, huh? You’re doing it!
Congratulations! Now get ready for some seriously fun guitar playing as we go to our first performance quality piece, “Aunty Alice Slack Key“.