The Modified C Wahine Tuning is identical to the basic Keola’s C that we learned in earlier lessons, except for one string. This change is that the 1st string is slacked from E down to the note D. In a way the modified C Wahine is in the “double slack” family of tunings, that is the guitar is downward-tuned twice, once to C Wahine and then down again to Modified C Wahine.

Let’s Tune Up!

  1. To begin, tune your guitar to C Wahine CGDGBE .
  2. Tune your first string to the note D (the same sound as 2nd string 3rd fret)
  3. Take your time … a good tuning is the foundation of good sound.
  4. If you are having trouble or aren’t sure if you are tuned properly, listen to my Modified C Wahine audio file (below).

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When you are done, double check the tuning and listen carefully to each string. Sounds interesting doesn’t it? Slack key is a whole new way of exploring the guitar.

Note: The Modified C Wahine tuning has the same basic coloration as its parent, C Wahine.

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