Tuning: Keola’s C or C Wahine Tuning (CGDGBE)
Level: Advanced


This song, written by Albert Nahaleʻā (Nahale-a), has become a popular Island favorite. You often hear it being dedicated to loved ones over the radio and even at weddings or a baby’s lūʻau (dinner party).
In this rendition from my CD entitled “Moe ʻUhane Kīkā” I added beautiful bridge with a bittersweet F minor to C Major progression.
For your own creative visualization of this piece, throughout your performance try interjecting extremely subtle tempo variations to evoke the image of a beautiful child asleep in a softly lit room. You’ll hear your guitar whisper, rising and falling like the gentle breathing of a small soul.
After you have finished this piece, go on to Lei ʻAwapuhi.
Keola Beamer

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Tuning: C Wahine “Keola’s C” (C-G-D-G-B-E) (jump to lesson)

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