1: Hāwanawana (Whispering)

This is Keola's wonderful short story for the book, "Between The Strings - The Secret Lives Of Guitars"… Read More

2: Suggested Reading

Keola recommends a great read by John Schroeter, entitled, "Between the Strings: The Secret Lives of Guitars" (Paperback – April, 2004). This is a collection of 100 stories about life with the guitar.… Read More

3: Artistic Statement

"Thanks to my mother, aloha became much more than a word to me. It became a way of being in the world."… Read More

4: ADV-00: Advanced Realm Introduction

Keola offers guidance to his advanced students.… Read More

5: ʻUkulele In Cambodia 2016

Keola organized taking music and dance education to disadvantaged children in Cambodia. Learn more about this worthwhile program.… Read More