Tuning: Keola’s unique F tuning (C-F-C-G-A-F)
Level: Advanced


This is my sprightly original Hawaiian slack key guitar piece portraying the behavior of the Hawaiian bird- ʻElepaio believed to be the goddess of canoe makers.

In my recording “Wooden Boat” Hawaiian percussive instruments fill this melodic tone piece. The Hawaiian percussive instruments are ʻiliʻili (waterworn basaltic stones), kālāʻau (resonant stick), ipu (gourd drum), and pūpū leho (cowrie shells).

This is a great advanced level piece in a very cool tuning. It has a nice tempo and airy feel. Its a lot of fun to play!
After you have finished this piece, go on to Kalena Kai.
Keola Beamer

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