1: August 2017 Update

One of my favorite Music writers, Jon Woodhouse (Maui News) just published an article about my recent work. MauiNewsKB… Read More

2: Keola Beamer – Story Corps Interview

How did you discover your interest in Slack Key Guitar? Was it hearing the music on a CD that you got for Christmas? Or maybe you heard Slack Key music on a radio program? Or maybe you heard Keola’s music in the George Clooney film, “The Descendants”? In this charming 2 minute Hawai’i Public Radio - “Story Corps”, Keola shares… Read More

3: Ku’u Home O Kahalu’u Performance Video

This is one of my favorite songs written by dear friend, Jerry Santos. Jerry and I were in the same class at Kamehameha Schools.… Read More

4: Ohana Resources

Keola is a descendant of an illustrious and vital 'ohana (family). Here you can experience and enjoy some of the resources from the Beamer lineage.… Read More

5: Island Born – Music & Lyrics by Keola Beamer

later...… Read More

6: Our Beloved Land CD

Famed Native American flutist R. Carlos Nakai joins with Keola in a new album, Our Beloved Land. Nakai, the world's leading performer of the traditional flute with over 3.5 million albums sold, journeyed to Hawai'i where he spent time working with Keola to weave the haunting melodies of his traditional flute into Keola's songs and arrangements. The result is a… Read More

7: More on Moe ‘Uhane Kika & Keola’s Tunings

Keola Beamer's Tunings for this Album C Wahine (C-G-D-G-B-E), also known as 'Keola's C' for the songs Lei 'Awapuhi, HePunahele No 'Oe, Ku'uipo Ku'u Lei, Sweet Singing Bamboo, Medley: Ke Ali'i HuluMamo & Kimo Hula, Holo Wa'apa, Bali Ha'i & Stranger in Paradise, and Sanoe( electric 'water' guitar). C Mauna Loa (C-G-E-G-A-E) for 'Alekoki. C Old Mauna Loa/Ni'ihau (C-G-C-G-A-D) for… Read More

8: Kī Hōʻalu – Loosen The Key

Kī Hōʻalu - Loosen the Key is a wonderful DVD that appears, sadly, to be out of print at this time. Learn a little more about it here.… Read More